The Wyoming Cowgirls are two wins away from clinching the regular season championship in the Mountain West Conference.

That said, they will still very likely have to win the Mountain West Conference Tournament in Las Vegas to be selected to the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

If they can pull off those three wins in a row, analyst Charlie Creme predicts the Cowgirls will be heading to Los Angeles in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

The women's tournament first two rounds don't work exactly like the men's tournament where venues are already set. They reward teams with higher seeds home court advantage for the first two potential games and invite three lower seeded teams to that location.

The Cowgirls right now are projected to play at the home of UCLA, who is a number three seed. That makes Joe Legerski's bunch a predicted number fourteen seed.

The Cowgirls play at Air Force on Tuesday and host Boise State Friday to close the regular season.

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