Laramie County District Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg says the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is causing an increase in crime in Laramie County.

The D.A. says the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has attracted a huge influx of organized crime into the state. Sandburg specifically says the mafia and the Mexican mafia both have flooded into Colorado. He says, in general, the legalization of pot has led to "a huge increase in gang activity" in that state.

Sandburg says of the Colorado pot industry "Very little of it is actually legit. It's cover businesses for illegal operations." Sandburg says when he discusses the situation with Colorado district attorney's, they unanimously wish pot had never been legalized there.

He says criminals who have moved into Colorado are coming into Laramie County from Fort Collins or Greeley, committing crimes, "and then they skate back across the border." The D.A. says south Cheyenne is especially being affected.

Sandburg says of the increased crime  "The time is now, we are experiencing this increase is now, and we are not ready for it."

Sandburg says his office is badly understaffed after state lawmakers in 2016 gave him only enough money to pay for 19 positions in his office. He had asked legislators for enough money to pay for 25 employees.

He also says local law enforcement agencies are understaffed to face the challenges posed by increased violent crime related to legal weed in Colorado crossing the border into Laramie County.

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