On Cheyenne150.org you can find a list of this year’s celebratory events. From Friday Aug. 5 we have at least one party per day through Aug. 12 and more to come on later dates. One of the most interesting nights, to me, is Sunday Aug. 7, called Meet the Mayors.

Yes, that will be Mayors plural. Did you know we have seven living Mayors of Cheyenne Finally one is a woman, Mayor Marian Orr.  (Sorry that only took 149 years, but before Wyoming statehood, this was the capitol where legislation was passed to give women the right to vote, back when this town was called Cheyenne, Dakota.)

Our oldest living Mayor Bill Nation is the honorary chair of Cheyenne 150. The stories he could tell. Actually, he likely will tell more than one on Sunday night, but there are also six others with a story or two.

This group is called "an amazing brain trust" and will gather on the stage of The Atlas Theater for not just memories of our past, but also some visions for Cheyenne’s future. Wouldn’t you like to hear a little of both from some of Cheyenne’s most witty and charming ever. At 92, Bill Nation has great looks in both directions, past and future. Recently Wyomingnews.com did a fabulous article on Mayor Nation.

This evening will be live streamed and recorded. And thank goodness for that because too many of us can’t be there, at an invitation only event. The venue is just too small, and too small for that much personality, but we, the public, will get to hear it all.

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