The Wyoming Office of Tourism has made known 5 spooky places to visit in the Cowboy State. According to them, these places will, no doubt, give visitors the creeps.

Here are the places you can visit this month, if you dare!

  1. Cheyenne - The Atlas Theatre. This theatre is still active in the Capital City today. It was originally built in 1888 as a place for office spaces and the theatre was build in 1908. It's been said that ghost hunters have recorded voices in the theatre and some visitors claim they have witnessed things moving on their own.
  2. Rawlins - Wyoming Frontier Prison. This prison was where the rough and tough were to do time. The prison debuted in 1901, with many issues. The prison was overcrowded and some reports have stated that 'questionable executions' took place at the prison. Some visitor claim when touring the areas of the prison where prisoners were disciplined, spirits have told them to leave. The prison is open today as a museum.
  3. Fort Bridger - FB Historic Site. This is an old trading post in the mid-1800's. I actually visited it about 20-some years ago. The founder, Jim Bridger, sold it to the Mormons back in 1850 and became a military base in 1858. It's been said that former military spirits have been seen walking around the cemetery, at times.
  4. Laramie - Wyoming Territorial Prison. This facility, built in 1872, was a federal prison who had "evil doers of all classes and kinds." Some visitors have stated that the prisoners who convinced the guards to start his own cigar business haunts the prison. Supposedly, he hangs out in the doorway of his old cell, located on the north wing of the prison.
  5. Fort Laramie - National Historic Site. Along the Oregon Trail, Wyoming has had her fair share of military forts. Fort Laramie being one of them. The purpose of the fort was to help protect those who were traveling west to California. According to one account, a rebellious daughter escaped the camp one night and never returned. Visitors claim to have seen her ghost wandering the premises.

So, if you're looking for a creepy trip this month, might we suggest these 5 places in Wyoming. If you happen to capture a photo of a spook, send it to use to share.

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