Today is September 28th, we're well past Labor Day and moving past Oktoberfests being held throughout the city. It's Spookytime, we really need to stop saying it's too early at this point. Friday is October, so we can stop denying it. The Midnight West Fest is going to kick off the month of October with a film festival and more spooky fun.

In a post on the Midnight West Fest's Facebook event, they announced that they'll be holding tours of the Atlas Theater, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Cheyenne. Their team will take people on a tour through the parts of the theater that aren't typically opened to the public.

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What will you see during the ghost tours? Running all three days of Midnight West Fest, you'll get your chance to see what few others have, and hear the stories behind the ghosts that dwell in one of the most haunted buildings in Wyoming!

An opportunity to take a tour through The Atlas Theater is pretty cool. It's not only going to be a hair-raising time, but it should also be fairly educational. There is obviously a ton of history in that building. No telling what you may stumble upon.

The Midnight West Fest is being held this weekend at the Atlas Theater with tickets still on sale for the event here. They're donating 15 percent of their ticket sales to the Cheyenne Little Theatre, which makes this even better as they're helping out a group that works tirelessly year-round with volunteers.

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