I absolutely love reading into paranormal subjects, places and everything. When I think about the most haunted places in Wyoming, I lean on my friends from PHOG(Paranormal Hunting And Observation Group) mainly talking about haunted Cheyenne with the Atlas and Lincoln Theaters. But the website Thrillist came out with a full list of haunted places by state and they mentioned one that I've one, never been to, and two never really thought of. The Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlings.

Wyoming’s first state penitentiary was about as miserable as you’d expect a stone prison on a cold, whistling prairie to be. It didn’t have hot water until 1978. It did have something called the “punishment pole,” to which prisoners were handcuffed, then whipped with rubber hoses. It’s been closed since 1981, but guided tours allow you to get up close and personal with the “death house” (which housed inmates on death row), the gas chamber, and offices left exactly as they were.

That sounds pretty gnarly, right?!  You can even tour the prison if you'd like to make a trip, which sounds creepy, scary, and fantastic if you ask me.

The night tours sound pretty cool, though they say on their webpage that they're not historic, so it's more of a haunted house than a haunted prison on those days. Which is fine, Waverly Hills in Louisville KY does the same thing and it works just fine. You can also book to reserve the prison for parties, which is a real flex for your scardy cat friends.

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18 Most Terrifyingly Haunted Places in Wyoming


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