Just in time for Halloween, here's another one of the Cowboy State's spookiest haunts. Dating back to 1901, the old Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins was one of the rowdiest, roughest jails in the entire country.

In a land full of outlaws and bandits, it housed the most violent criminals in the state in an era where discipline was valued over rehabilitation. It was dark, cramped, cold and had no electricity or hot water.

In 1906, a dungeon was added to punish out of control inmates. Then, in 1912, the notorious 'death house' was finished. The death house featured The Julien Gallows, which resulted in the botched execution of at least 9 prisoners. Unfortunately for them, the gallows didn't drop convicts far enough to break their necks. Instead, they each died a slow, painful death due to strangulation.

Over a century later, the ghosts of those victims are said to still haunt the old prison, which operated for 80 years before being closed in 1981. Among those ghosts is the image of a man in a brimmed hat in the old death house, an insane man who has threatened visitors in the dungeon, and many convicts who have been reported to haunt the cell blocks.

These days, the old prison serves as museum and has become a popular destination for history buffs and paranormal experts alike.

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