Haunted Wyoming

The Haunted History of F.E. Warren Air Force Base
There have been hundreds of reported ghost sightings in Wyoming. But no other place in the Cowboy State can match the haunted history of F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne.
Unexplained and mysterious events have been occurring there since the late 1860s, when Fort D...
Is There a Racist Ghost in Yoder, Wyoming?
If it's published online, it must be true, right?
According to one unconfirmed eyewitness account posted to Ghosts of America, a "racist ghost" haunts the tiny town of Yoder, Wyoming.
The story, which was submitted by an anonymous author, claims the ghost lives in the &…
The Most Haunted Public Schools in Wyoming
There are dozens of haunted places here in Wyoming. Some of the most terrifying ghosts in the state roam the hallways of our public schools.
Here's our completely unofficial and totally subjective list of Wyoming's five most haunted schools buildings...
Haunted Wyoming: The Wonder Bar in Casper
As we gear up for Halloween this weekend, here's another one of Wyoming's most haunted places, the Wonder Bar in Casper.
This historic watering hole dates back to 1934 and claims to have served a variety of famous guests including John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway...
Is Cheyenne's "Wyoming Home" Store Haunted?
Just in time for Halloween, here's another one of Wyoming's most haunted places.
Before Sue Miller and her husband opened Wyoming Home in 1998, the historic building on 216 West Lincolnway in downtown Cheyenne housed the Federal Magistrate Office in the 1880's and later became Uni…
Haunted Wyoming: The Bighorn Medicine Wheel Near Lovell
For centuries, Native Americans have gathered at the Bighorn Medicine Wheel near Lovell, Wyoming. Now known as the Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark, it has been considered a sacred site for local tribes since the 18th century and is regarded among the most haunte…

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