Have you ever wanted to own a home that's been in a movie? Are you by chance a fan of the movie "Silence of the Lambs"? If so, I have the house for you. It's the one that was owned by Buffalo Bill in the movie and it could be yours.

Yes, the home made famous by the character Buffalo Bill in "The Silence of the Lambs" is a real place. I saw this story shared by The New York Post. They had the Zillow listing, but I also found more details on Realtor. The actual address is 8 Circle Street in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania. Here are some famous scenes from the movie featuring this home.

Here are 18 pics of this quaint home with more than a bit of creepy film nostalgia.

The listing on Realtor mentions the possibility of someone buying this home and turning it into an Airbnb. Who wouldn't want to stay in the home where Buffalo Bill made the skin suit?

The current asking price on Realtor seems reasonable at $298,500. Considering what you could potentially rent this for, would likely become a moneymaker with the right marketing.

Just remember if you end up with this home you'd need to find a place for lotion. Remember? It puts the lotion on.

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