We have nearly jumped all the hurdles to make our way to the spooky season. Bring on the flannel, cardigans, hoodies, and special drinks, let's take a deep dive into spooky events and places around our state to get into the fun season.

While, candy, apple cider, and warm clothing are our favorite parts of going into the fall season, we also love spooky stories about haunted places and ghosts.

What Is The Most Haunted Place In Wyoming?

According to the website, Only In Your State, the top haunted spot in the state of Wyoming is Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Powell.

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Here's what Only In Your State had to say about the spooky site.

Heart Mountain Relocation Center, located in Powell, dates back to World War II. It was used as a concentration camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II, when Americans were driven to imprison their neighbors out of nothing but fear. Today, visitors report that you can hear footsteps and noises from "Shadow People" that still roam these hallowed halls.

The site still exists and is used as an informational site for visitors to learn about the time period where Japanese Americans were tragically sent during World War II.

While the site is a tragic spot and a sensative subject for Americans, it's interesting to see the reports from visitors saying that they hear noises from "shadow people".

Have you been to the historical site? Did you experience any activity while you were there? Let us know, and hit us up on the app.

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