Wyoming has a rich history and some of that history still remains active today.

Even long before officially becoming a state in 1890, Wyoming has seen a lot of growth and change. Unfortunately, Wyoming has also seen its fair share of tragedy. Murder, sickness, despair, misfortune, and disaster are weaved into the fabric of the Cowboy States history.

From urban legends to first-person accounts, apparitions have been sighted and reported as far back as the early 1800s. What causes these spirits and specters to stick around is not always clear. What is clear is that they want their presence to be known.

Below are 18 stories based on real-life reports in real locations in Wyoming. You will learn about headless brides, ghostly innkeepers, lonely widows, and even children whose lives were ended suddenly and unfairly. It seems almost every city, town, and region in Wyoming is full of hidden mysteries just waiting to be remembered or discovered. Beware when you pass by a dark building, house, or cemetery - there just maybe something lurking in the shadows.

18 Most Terrifyingly Haunted Places in Wyoming

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