Just in time for Halloween, Thrillist published a story this weekend naming "The Best Place To Scare The Crap Out Of Yourself In All 50 States". Their pick for Wyoming's most haunted place is the Frontier Prison in Rawlins.

The penitentiary was a creepy place, indeed. The dark, cramped cells had no heat or running water and inmates were often confined to a dungeon or chained to the "punishment pole" and whipped.

Over the years, 14 executions were carried out in the "death house". Before the gas chamber was introduced in 1936, nine men were hung on the infamous Julian Gallows, which was known for inflicting a slow, painful death.

The prison was closed in 1981 and was abandoned for several years until Hollywood came calling. After the horror movie "Prison" was filmed there in 1987, the building was reopened as a museum and now hosts an estimated 15,000 visitors each year. Late-night ghost hunting tours are offered every year in October.

According to paranormal researchers, the site is haunted by several spirits, including a former prison guard who committed suicide by jumping from a tower, an inmate who allegedly froze to death in the dungeon, and Andrew Pixler, who survived for over six minutes inside the gas chamber in 1965.


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