Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Grant Manlove says she is "very disappointed at the lack of transparency" from the Wyoming State Bar regarding its decision to ban livestreaming, recordings, and photos during her hearing.

Manlove issued the following statement early Thursday morning:

Open government is a key ingredient to our democracy. Unfortunately, Laramie County residents and my colleagues around the state are being denied meaningful access to an unprecedented hearing pertaining to allegations Special Bar Counsel has levied against me. In an eleventh-hour about-face, after first granting my request to live-stream the hearing, the panel reversed its decision to allow live-streaming of the proceedings. Why, when all of the facts are finally coming to light and the issues being discussed are of such significance to our community, has the hearing panel disallowed the public greater access? I am very disappointed at the lack of transparency.

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The public hearing, which began yesterday and is scheduled to conclude on Feb. 11, is being held in the Wyoming Ballroom at the Little America Hotel and Resort in Cheyenne and could remove Manlove, who was elected in 2018, from office.

Manlove has been under fire since Oct. 31, 2020, when she publicly announced that she would not be enforcing the county's mask mandate.

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