In what has been a sad side effect of the 2020 Covid:19 Pandemic, that still seems to steep into 2021, another great staple of Cheyenne has been forced to shut it's doors. In a Facebook post on February 21st, Dad's Donuts announced that they would be closing their shop.

It is with very sad and heavy hearts that we have had to close Dads Donuts. We truly enjoyed meeting all of our wonderful customers and miss you all. Cheyenne welcomed us with open arms, we couldn't have asked for a better community.
If you or anyone you know is interested in re-opening the shop, we have people who can train your bakers on how to make the Best Darn Donuts "A"round. Please private message us and we will contact you.
With two locations, one at 715 South Greeley Highway and another location at 501 East Pershing Blvd, both in Cheyenne. The Pershing location had opened just last March, before what feels like everything unraveled in the world.
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Websites for both locations say CLOSED at the top of each page.

The Donut shop posted on Facebook a few times over the past months with signs of struggle. It's just a painful reminder of what small businesses have had to deal with over the past year now. Even as it feels like we've turned the tide in the damage, it still hurts to see this happen. Let's hope for a Grandpa's Downtown Pizzeria style revival, to bring back one of Cheyenne's favorite donut shops.



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