On Sunday, in NFL stadiums across the country, fans were decked out from head to toe in shirts, signs, pins, and more to show their support for Bills safety Damar Hamlin - none more than the Buffalo Bills fans at Highmark Stadium. 

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Some of the best gear showing love for our beloved #3 was worn by the Buffalo Bills themselves during pregame and warmups.

Etsy is a great place to find many of the shirts the Bills wore to support their friend and teammate, Damar Hamlin. 

Etsy used to have a rep for being the site to buy homemade candles, wedding invitations, jewelry, and other “artsy-crafty” things that homemakers sell as a hobby. Lately, though, since the pandemic, online shoppers have discovered that Etsy is so much more.

Etsy is filled with small creators and artisans selling vintage, hand-made, or custom-ordered merchandise in categories across the board, and is an untapped resource for any Bills fan searching for the perfect Bills shirt that fits their style, sense of humor, and budget - and they are loaded up with gear to express your love for Damar Hamlin.

Unlike buying your Bills garb from a major retailer, the seller you’re buying from is often from Western New York, especially regarding Bills gear. So you’re not just buying a one-of-a-kind item; you’re also supporting Damar and small businesses from right here in Buffalo. 

Are you trying to find the #3 sweatshirt Josh Allen wore when he arrived at the stadium? Or maybe one of the vintage-style tees some of the Bills wore during warmups?

Here are ten shirts (plus a hat) you can order on Etsy to show your unconditional support for Damar and his recovery.

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Whatever your style - classic, retro, funny, or chic - these shirts that you can get on Etsy are way better than the basic Bills merch in the team store.

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