Dear Aaron,

My name is AJ, and I'm writing this letter to you in hopes that you will come to Denver to play for the Broncos. The reasons are MANY...and while the final decision is obviously yours and yours alone, I hope this letter gives you a little insight at some great things about Denver, Colorado and Broncos-Country in general.

First off, there is an INCREDIBLE amount of excitement and energy simply just about the possibility that you could be coming here. Just imagine how insane Broncos-Country would be if you donned the blue and orange. Now, with all due respect, the "cheeseheads" DO love you and have supported you for a long time, but now some of them seem to be turning on you and siding with the team in this recent clash which is simply not cool.

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Speaking of which, your current "team", the Packers...what have they done for you lately? Well, they drafted your replacement last year without even discussing things with you beforehand. They didn't try to HELP you with their first round pick and give you another weapon; their first thought was drafting your replacement. How did you react to that? You went out and had another MVP-type season with (outside of Davonte Adams) a very average group of receivers. You have given your heart and soul, blood sweat and tears to that organization for 16 years and they didn't even give you any help in this year's draft?? NOT cool. You've carried that team long enough.

Look, I get that you have friends on the team and lots of memories there, but it seems like things may have run its course in Green Bay, and that's happens. Look what Peyton Manning did for HIS career after a change was due in Indianapolis: he came here and John Elway surrounded him with a team that enabled him to go to 2 more Super Bowls (winning 1) in only 4 seasons.

I know, I know...there are many things to think about when making such a big move both for you personally and career-wise so...I'm here to help.

Here are few reasons you need to come to Denver and play for the Broncos and be a part of Broncos-Country.

1. Location: Denver, Colorado > Green Bay, Wisconsin

Seriously, is there any comparison? What do you do for fun in Green Bay, Wisconsin? Especially in the winter...other than freeze your a$$ off. Sure, it snows in Denver but afterwards, there are a plethora of things to do in and around Denver (which is an actual REAL city) with the mountains so close. In Green Bay, you get snow on top of dirty snow on top of more dirty snow with not even a bunny hill anywhere in sight because it's so damn flat. Winters in Denver and Colorado are awesome, because not only do we get over 300 days of sunshine, the winters that are filled with snow are brimming with outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains, which are practically in our backyard.

In the summer, you have sunshine and no humidity. Think about how nice training camp will be here with hardly any humidity, especially compared to the oppressive humidity that consumes the midwest in the dog days of summer while training camp is happening. Seriously, in Green Bay for 16 years, enough is enough. You deserve better.

Here are just a FEW examples of the beauty that you will be surrounded by if you come to Denver. Also, you're a West Coast guy and while Denver certainly isn't the West Coast, you're a heck of a lot closer. 


And sure, Green Bay isn't all bad, it has a cute little bay and cheese...and...well let's just watch the video. Presenting, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

YouTube/ From Here to There

2. The Denver Broncos TEAM

This Broncos team is young, loaded and hungry to win. We have a solid O-Line, a pro bowl running back in Melvin Gordon and an entire stable of receivers along with one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Courtland Sutton (who is back this year from injury), Tim Patrick and Noah Fant. Oh yeah...and that pro bowl running back at your disposal is also known as one of the best receiving running backs in the NFL as well.

Oh yeah, the Broncos have LOADED up the defensive side of the ball as well, especially with the recent signing of cornerback Kyle Fuller. want em',  you got em' here in the Mile High City. The key piece this team is needing is a quarterback and that's where you come in.

YouTube/Denver Broncos

YouTube/Denver Broncos

YouTube/ Sports Productions

3. The Fans

Ok I'll admit, "The Cheeseheads" are die hards and a great fan base but C'MON...the whole ridiculous cheese thing HAS to get old after a while, doesn't it? While Broncos fans may not be known for their head gear, what they ARE known for is noise...LOTS of noise. Combine the noise with the altitude and you have an "attitude" that is sensed all around the Mile High City and the state of Colorado itself. The Broncos are Colorado's team and there are very few home field advantages quite like the advantage here in Denver.

YouTube/ Chuck Olney

4. The Food

Alright, so Green Bay, Wisconsin may have us when it comes to the best cheese (insert slow golf clap here) but when it comes to food and dining, be it world class or, if you're looking for an awesome BBQ joint or a place to have an awesome steak, Denver has it ALL for you. With over 200 new restaurants opening in Denver every year for the last three years, and oh yeah, I almost forgot about the beer... 1.6 millions of gallons of craft beer brewed annually in Colorado. Milwaukee may be the home to Miller Beer (which is ok if there's nothing else around) but you'll have access to some of the best beer in the world right here in Colorado.

5. Our Health

Denver is consistently voted one of the healthiest cities in the country (in the top 10 practically every year) while Green Bay... didn't even crack the top 182. 

Lots of great weather, combined with living at altitude and over 20,000 acres of urban parkland makes it extremely easy to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Recent research has also showed that living at high altitude has been proven to make you skinnier (not that you're fat at all), live longer, and are less likely to die of a heart attack. It doesn't get much better than that.

There's 5 reasons for you to come to Denver, and that's just scratching the surface. I'm not even a die hard Broncos fan and I'M excited about the opportunity to watch you play up close and in person so just imagine what these Bronco-maniacs in the heart of Broncos-Country are feeling.

While Green Bay has served you well for many years, things change, people change and right now, there is no better time for THAT change and no better place than Denver, Colorado. The red...I mean ORANGE carpet is just waiting to be rolled out for you.

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