A trail cam caught a deer chewing on human remains!

Several universities across the country have what is know as 'Body Farms' where cadavers are left out to decompose in a variety of situations and conditions.  The bodies are monitored by forensic science students hoping to discover what happens to a human body when it is left out in the elements for any given length of time.  Some real CSI stuff going on here!

But this particular trail cam was being used by the students at Texas State University on their 26 acre body farm.  In January 2015 one of the cameras captured a deer grabbing a quick snack.  If you take another look at the white tail deer in the photo, it has a human bone rib bone hanging out of its mouth.  Yes, the deer is gnawing on human remains.

We're not implying that Bambi is developing a taste for human flesh, in fact according to zooarchaeological literature, deer often chew on the bones of other animal carcasses they find during the winter time when natural resources are scarce - according to the Wiley Online Library.  The deer gnaw on the bones the find in order to get needed minerals and nutrients like calcium and phosphorus.

Although it was thought that deer have and do gnaw on human remains, according to the article on IFLScience.com, this is the first time there is photographic proof.

Check out this quick explanation of how a body farm works and the purpose and answers it provides for scientists from national geographic. (Warning Video Contains Graphic Material)

Source: IFLSience

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