Tattoos have become quite the norm in everyday life, including even here in the Cowboy State, but this may take the art form to an entirely different level.

Imagine having a tattoo that had your long lost dog's bark on it... and the ability to play the sound back to you over and over again! What about your children's voices? How about your band's latest single? A company called Skin Motion is currently developing the technology to make this a reality. Matter of fact, it's already a very real thing!

According to their official website, you'll be able to tattoo a soundwave, with up to a minute of audio, that can playback your specified selection for the rest of eternity, via their exclusive smartphone app.

The CEO and founder, Nate Siggard, has already tested the process on himself and it does look pretty awesome! The app is currently in the last stages of the development phase and should be available by June 2017.

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