We believe that no one in their right mind would ever want to leave Wyoming. But, let's face it, we're not exactly objective. There are scientific numbers that prove it is true that a very small percentage of people want to leave after they're here.

This isn't exactly new, but it's worth revisiting. A few years ago, Gallup had a poll among residents to determine which states were the most desirable. Wyoming easily made the top 10.


This is not some random internet opinion. No one does polls quite like Gallup. They interviewed hundreds of residents and Wyoming often came up as a state you move to, but don't leave.

Every time I share data like this, there is almost always push back from folks that don't want to see a big influx of new residents. If that's you, I have good news. Wyoming is NOT in the top 10 for states where people plan to move to. You can relax now. Idaho is near the top of states where people plan to move to probably thanks to some mind control from Napoleon Dynamite. It's just a theory.

There are a couple of takeaways about this. First, Wyoming is still one of America's best kept secrets that some people don't even believe exists. Second, once you see our part of America, you likely will want to call it home.

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