I was born in Casper and although I wasn't raised here, I've been in Wyoming long enough now that I should know about the majority of food traditions. It appears a big one has escaped me. I have never had chili with a cinnamon roll... ever!

While this food combination is not indigenous to the Cowboy State, I have learned (via social media), it is a staple here. My buddy, Mario Brooks-Miller, posted the above photo to his personal Facebook page and it started a very interesting debate. Some folks love it, while others think it sounds gross.

I'll blame my reason for not personally trying it yet on account of the fact that I don't like beans in my red chili, which was a pretty big debate last year on the 104.7 Kiss FM Facebook page. Still, weird food pairings are usually a luxury for my taste buds, so I will be trying this soon.

Which brings us to the question:

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