We can feel Fall creeping in, and what better food to talk about than Chili? Coming from the Midwest, a lot of people have opinions about how they eat chili. Some like just beans, some like to add cheese and maybe some mac, then there are monsters out there that think that noodles deserve any place in or around a bowl of chili. But, I was wondering how people take their chili here?

In the Midwest, specifically around the Ohio area, closer to Cincinnati. If you didn't know, they are VERY proud of their gross noodle and cheese chili. They love it. They are also, wrong. Noodles belong in various Italian dishes, and Mac N' Cheese. But, NEVER chili. That should be the biggest deterrent to not want to live in Ohio, just because of their chili. I went to school in Louisville KY, and that was too close to get away from it, it bled down the road,

Anyways, I posted the image above on the 101-9 King FM Facebook page, and to my sheer delight, you all think like me. You like real chili. I mean, as real as, there are beans in it. There was one person who was like, "uhhh no beans". But, I mean, what else would you put in there? Just doesn't make sense. But it feels great to know, that I 'm in the majority here in the Cowboy State, eating chili as nature intended. Thanks for making me feel better!

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