This Amazon delivery guy just went above and beyond the call of duty.

If you're married, you've probably experienced some sort of online-shopping shaming. I know this because I've done the shaming. My husband definitely shops online more than I do. My biggest complaint is that none of the deliveries are for me. What's the point of shopping online if you're not gonna throw me a bone in that cart?

Vanessa O'Shea is an online shopper who decided she would have a little fun with her delivery man. According to ABC News, Vanessa purchased a mat that read "Please hide packages from husband" and placed it outside her door. It doesn't sound like she's ever been reprimanded for her spending habits as she and her husband watched this little experiment take place through their doorbell camera.

In the video that is going viral you can see her delivery man, Gilberto Montanez, approach the door with a package. After seeing the mat, he pauses for a second before taking the package around the corner to hide it. He passed the test! Meanwhile, Vanessa and her husband watched it all play out while they were out to dinner.

She probably got the door mat from Amazon too.

Watch here:

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