There's no doubt Colorado loves country music... but just how much?

In search of the biggest country fans in the nation, Lawnstarter took the liberty of rounding up and ranking this year's top U.S.cities for country music fans.

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Finding The Best U.S. Cities For Country Music Fans

To truly figure out which U.S. cities are among the best for country music fans in 2022, Lawnstarter compared over 180 of the biggest cities in the country based on eight key factors, including:

  • the number of country music festivals in each city 
  • access to performance venues in each city 
  • affordability of concert tickets in each city 
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In addition, researchers also looked at search data via Google to determine local interest in the country music genre, as well as the number of country music stations in each area, and even more specifics... like the existence of country music museums in and around each city analyzed in this study.

The Top 10 Best Cities For Country Music Fans In The U.S.

While Nashville, TN - aka Music City - takes the number one spot on this particular rankings list (no surprise there). nine other cities, including Colorado's Mile High City, have also earned themselves rankings among the top ten.

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According to Lawnstarter. the following U.S. cities are among the ten best for country music fans in 2022:

  1. Nashville, TN - Overall Score (Out of 100): 77.14
  2. New York, NY - Overall Score: 44.20
  3. Salt Lake City, UT - Overall Score: 32.51
  4. Atlanta, GA - Overall Score: 31.59
  5. Charleston, SC - Overall Score: 28.48
  6. Chicago, IL - Overall Score: 28.22
  7. Austin, TX - Overall Score: 27.88
  8. Richmond, VA - Overall Score: 26.23
  9. Eugene, OR - Overall Score: 25.87
  10. Denver, CO - Overall Score: 25.36

Northern Colorado City Cracks The Top 50

Fort Collins, CO might've not made the top ten, but it did crack the top 50. Coming in at #49, the Choice City received an overall score of 17.91 (out of 100) for country music fans.

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Moral of the story is - country music isn't just a Southern thing. This genre and the incredible community that comes with it truly spans nationwide - and we're happy country music has a home in Colorado.

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