Forbes released a list of the top sports in America, with the usual suspects being in there that you would expect, although, New York was not in the top 10.  Probably because they haven’t been the most winning-est of sports cities over the past decade.   I guess the Yankees can’t carry the torch for them forever, sorry, Jets, Giants and Rangers.   

Anywho, coming in at number 8 was Denver.  Which is really cool, right?  So, that basically means that Cheyenne is top 10 by proxy.  That’s right, baby!  We’re basically in a top 10 sports market!  Haters will say it’s fake, I know.  But, if you go to some of those ginormous cities, it takes you an hour and a half just to get across town, and that’s how long it takes us(on average) to get down south to enjoy some sporty goodiness.   

We’re also not going to talk about the elephant in the room with this recent piece that came across the internet. 

Do you see that?  Wyoming has a blank no data spot for top party schools in America. What a bunch of haters.  I mean, my Alma Mater, The University of Louisville made the list(which seems suspect). So party on...but why so much disregard for the only full-fledged four year school in Wyoming? 

Anyways, disregarding that last part.  Go ahead, puff your chest out, you’re a great American sports town, by proxy(or proximity)!  

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