The crowd was anxious and would collectively cheer when it would get quiet in anticipation of Eric Church taking the stage in Casper on Tuesday night.

The show start was delayed an hour and some people were getting agitated.  Some of that frustration though could have been in dealing with the huge crowd that was there for the show.  Long lines, crowded walk ways and an ATM that ran out of money early in the evening only compounded issues for some.

I've had the pleasure of being a fan of Eric's music for many years and have seen him on 3 previous occasions.  This time out, Eric's stage presence and music set list were out standing!  Eric engaged the crowd more on Tuesday night than I've at previous shows I've attended and did so in a personable manner.

The Casper Events Center was packed!!  And once the show started, even though it started late, the crowd seemed to really enjoy the show. I know I did!!

But what about you?  This morning I read several comments on social media saying the show sucked! and that Eric 'mailed it in' or 'took the night off' because Casper isn't a BIG market. So we want to know what you thought of the show?  Take our poll below and leave a comment if you'd like as we want to hear your opinion.

We will publish the results in a few days. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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