I honestly have never eaten this dish.

Don't you just love food? Seriously. Food is love and happiness, nourishment and heritage. It's everything when you think about. And how blessed are we to live in a nation when we have so many culinary influences from sea to shining sea. Look around our state, you can get just about anything.

And Wyoming comes with its own unique flavors.

Which is what Food Network honed in on recently. Their list of 50 States of Must-Try Food showcases local flavors that incorporate both history and geography. According to the food gods, these dishes are iconic in the states they represent.

So tell me about fry bread.

Yes, fry bread was Food Network's choice of Wyoming's must-try food. What do you think? I don't think I've ever eaten fry bread before, but it looks and sounds delicious. The network praises the dish prepared with similar to a tostada. They say the best place to get fry bread is at Deka-Guy Hee at Shoshone Rose Casino and Hotel.

I mean, it's a fried carb... what's not to like?

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