This past weekend, the Venice Film Festival proved to be an amalgam of meme-able moments and curious speculation when it came to the Don't Worry Darling cast — but one conspiracy theory from the film's premiere really takes the cake.

A video of Harry Styles allegedly, and perhaps accidentally, spitting on co-star Chris Pine in a Venice theater has gone viral.

Footage of the alleged "spitcident" circulated online Monday (Sept. 5). In a slow-mo video posted to Twitter, as Styles takes his seat in the theater, he leans over Pine and appears to pucker his lips as if spitting before he sits down. However, it's Pine's reaction — an annoyed, shocked facial expression as he immediately stops clapping and looks at his lap — that makes it seem like the pop star-turned-actor may have indeed accidentally spit on his co-star.

See for yourself below:

Even a day later, the internet can't stop analyzing the interaction and debating whether or not Styles spit on Pine.

Some have found the video shockingly funny, while others have noted that we might all be viewing the footage out of context.

So, did Harry Styles really spit on Chris Pine?

The internet has dissected the 15-second interaction over and over, coming to various conclusions.

In a second slow-mo angle captured of the moment, there appears to be no saliva involved.

Plus, the two stars seemed friendly enough with each other throughout press interviews and red carpet photos.

Regardless, this latest burst of chaos seems to have defined the vibe of the Don't Worry Darling cast's Italy experience, as noted by fans who witnessed the events unfold.

The much-anticipated festival included an awkward press conference where Olivia Wilde dodged questions about Shia LaBeouf; Florence Pugh arriving late and stirring up rumors of beef between herself and Wilde; Pine allegedly disassociating and rolling his eyes during an interview; and Styles giving silly answers to questions about the movie.

Plus, it seemed like Pugh and Wilde pointedly ignored each other on the red carpet, as the two were never seen interacting.

Pugh's stylist also captioned a photo of the star's red carpet look with "Miss Flo," in reference to the infamous video of Wilde condescendingly referring to Pugh in a voice note sent to LaBeouf.

One thing is for sure, this conspiracy is going to have the internet entertained for days.

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