Sunday’s snowfall brought needed moisture to SE Wyoming and looks beautiful. But it can be hazardous to drivers and sometimes to walkers. Cheyenne residents have 24 hours from the end of a snowfall to clear sidewalks of snow. This is a good time to assist your neighbors, especially the elderly and infirm.

If you truly need help clearing your walks, Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson has a Facebook group that is not affiliated with the City of Cheyenne. It is Snow removal for those who are unable, not unwilling with 1,156 members.

This is a group of people willing to help those who truly need it, based on trust.

“If you are interested in removing snow for disabled or elderly residents in Cheyenne, put your name in the comments with hours available and contact info.”

Know that this service includes some people who may want payment, so ask and negotiate before they start. This is not affiliated with the city.

Here’s to those with snow blowers and/or strong backs and lots of energy who do more than their own walks and driveways. And kudos to Richard Johnson for organizing this group and, especially to those who volunteer to help others.


It feels good to help others. Not long ago, local hero Nick Dodgson and I went out after a particularly heavy storm to help dig people out of their homes and cars. Nick, of course, went the extra mile for some, even clearing their windows and tail lights. He helps this community a lot. That’s why I support his Cheyenne Midas, Midas Speedee,  and Cheyenne Sport Center businesses and listen to his Car Gab on KGAB.

Cooper, Townsquare Media
Cooper, Townsquare Media

Back in 2014 Nick & I were at the old Shadows at The Cheyenne Depot, when we came up with an idea to help a number of local charities. Since he owns Midas and I work at KINGfm, we put together a raffle of The King Midas Mustang.”  That was the first of many charities receiving thousands of dollars.

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