To help calm the animals, Chad Olds plays and sings some Alan Jackson to a normally loud and chaotic room at a North Carolina  Animal Shelter. The adoption room had never been so quiet and at peace. His singing helps them feel less lonely while they wait for forever homes

I asked Tiffany Logan at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter if anyone had tried this for their animals. No, but some volunteers read to the animals and it calms them. Also, the kids who read, get needed practice, so it’s a win/win.

CAS currently have about 80 dogs and 80 cats, that are probably scared, lonely, disoriented and all looking to bring love into your home (hint hint).

There are ways you can help, by volunteering to help with walking the dogs and talking to the animals. You can give them treats, pet them, care for them, feed them, bring a little love to animals who surely need it. You can also make donations which are much needed and appreciated.

We are the stewards of this planet and the animals on it. Your contributions can start at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Maybe they would let you sing and play guitar… I’d suggest “Who Let The Dogs Out?”



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