We got a bunch of haters over here and over there. Well, maybe. The website Zippia wanted to find out what states are hated by their neighboring states. Which, most states hate the neighboring state because it's not theirs. There is pride in living and loving your state. So what, if that state has 20 Starbucks! We have the first dinosaur dug up. You get the idea. Here's how they figured out all the hate.

We looked at 3 metrics to determine which states are the most hateable:

  • The percent of residents who say the state is the “worst possible state to live in”
  • The states with the biggest decrease in population
  • Nationwide, the number of other states who say the hate a state the most

To turn hate into a science, we started by looking at the percent of residents who told Gallup their state is the “worst possible state to live in.” Ouch, talk about harsh. However, since they live there it seems like they would know best.

From there, we decided to look at “foot” votes. Basically, is the population growing? Who hates the state so much they pack up for greener pastures? Who likes it enough to be willing to box up and carry all their possessions? The larger the population decrease, the more hated the state. We used handy data from the ACS to compare the two most recent years of population numbers.

Finally, we decided to see what the rest of the country thought of them. After all, while it’s important what you (or the people who live in a state) think, it also matters what the rest of the country thinks. After all, there’s a whole country full of people who might find your state deeply unlikable.

I really love reading how they decided whether a state came out as unlikeable. Looking around the Cowboy State, The average Wyomingite would call bull on this, Colorado is the most liked state according to their research. Yes, Colorado ranked #50. Utah is also pretty likeable coming in at #49. Montana was #48 and Idaho was #47.

Well if those are the most liked, I mean, Wyoming has to be number 50 plus, or something, right? Well, not quite, the Cowboy State came in at #41. So, we're likeable, not Colorado likeable, but we're up there.

I want to cry fraud on this, and I feel most Wyomingites would as well, there is no way that Colorado could be neighbored by Wyoming and still be the most liked state in the country. These people haven't talked to anyone in Wyoming, clearly.

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