The color, the mouth, the eyes... it's spot on.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere made me oddly interested in rocks. Not so interested that I became a geologist or gemologist, but enough to always make me stop and look for a swanky rock anytime I travel. I've got small rocks from all over and I've always wondered what's inside them.

Of course, most rocks are just boring, solid rocks. However, there are some are geodes and the are lined on the inside with crystals or other minerals. These are quite beautiful when you cut into them. And you might be surprised with what you find.

As was the case when one gemologist found Cookie Monster.

According to TODAY, the rock was found by a gemologist named Lucas Fassari last November in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil. It is now owned by a man named Mike Bowers who lives in California. His video of the Sesame Street character reveal is going viral on the Internet.

And how could it not go viral? That is very clearly Cookie Monster. Look at the signature blue color, the googly eyes, and the mouth that clears is ready for some delicious chocolate chip cookies. I even heard that if you hold one of the pieces up to your ear, like a seashell, you can hear "Om nom nom nom!"

Ok... I made that last part up, but I'm sticking by it until proven otherwise.

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