Who doesn't love smashing stuff to get out frustrations, the problem is you end smashing your stuff which cost a lot of money.  How about a Rage Room in Cheyenne?

A Rage Room, Anger Room, whatever you want to call it is a something everyone should experience once.  Essentially, you pay money to go into a room and smash things.  Colorado Springs has a Rage Room, for $25 you get to choose from a number of different weapons, a baseball bat, hockey stick, or a sledgehammer.  You sign a waiver, put on some safety gear and start smashing.  Other places may cost more or less, like in Parma, Ohio it is $15 for five minutes or $50 for 20 minutes.

You may think that isn't long enough, but you will be tired when you are done.  Instead of driving two and a half hours to Colorado Springs, let's bring one to Cheyenne so we can let off some steam after a long work week.

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