Joe DeCamillis was an All American wrestler at University of Wyoming, and a member of the Denver Broncos coaching staff - twice.

If you ever wondered if Joe wants to be an NFL head coach, the short answer is yes, of course he does.

DeCamillis did serve as Broncos interim head coach back in October when Gary Kubiak’s doctor told him to take the week off. He was chosen by John Elway to allow both main coordinators to focus on just their own jobs. (Remember that.)

Joe's first NFL job was under former Broncos coach Dan Reeves, and he is still married to Reeves' daughter. Dana and Joe met when they were both students at University of Wyoming.

Since the latest Bronco coaching staff was let go, he has already landed his eighth NFL job. In fact, that was on January 13th, in the same role for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There’s a fabulous post from asking why more special teams coaches don’t get more of the head coaching jobs. DeCamillis explained that hiring an Offensive, or Defensive, Coordinator for the head job can mean a team is led by someone more specialized than the Special Teams coach.

That job is not just about kicks and punts. It also includes analysis of both sides of the ball. A coordinator is mostly just an expert on either offense or defense. You can watch Joe's fascinating video, not available for this page, but just make one more click here.

Joe DeCamillis isn’t often featured by the media, but when they let him, you see he can do some talking. In fact, the more videos of him I watch, the more I appreciate what a smart 51 year old he is.

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