Did you know that a leaky toilet of faucet can run up  your water bill and waste thousands of gallons each month?

I got a call from the Cheyenne Public Utilities office yesterday. They ask me if I had been watering a lot from October to December? I said no and the nice lady said do you think you might have a leaky toilet? I said wait a minute the second bathroom throne might be the culprit. She said you have like 10,000-13,000 gallons per month and that's excessive.

She told me a trick. Put food coloring in the tank, wait a few minutes and if it ends up in the bowl, the ballcock is causing a leak. I tried tightening the ball cock, but it's broken. So off to Home Depot to get the universal toilet repair kit and fix the culprit. They told me when I fix it they will re-average the bill from the high months to lower months after fixing it. What a great service from our community and I'm getting right on that tonight. 

Leaky toilets and faucets are the most common cause of excessive water usage and waste.