A man on TikTok says his DoorDash order was left in a tree outside his apartment complex because he didn't tip enough.

In a viral TikTok, @i.aaron says he was just trying to order breakfast from Chick-fil-A when his controversial tip turned the whole delivery into a fiasco.

"Alright DoorDash, count your days," @i.aaron begins, showing alleged screenshots of his text exchange with the DoorDash driver who apparently "wasn't very happy" with him.

User @i.aaron was confused when he received a notification saying his order was delivered but couldn't find his bagged breakfast outside. So, he messaged the driver.

"Where did you drop the order off? I can't find it," he asked.

"Tree," the driver curtly replied.

"What does that mean?" @i.aaron responded, asking the driver if his order was dropped off somewhere near his apartment.

That's when the DoorDash driver went off, chastising him for leaving a subpar tip.

"Dude, go f--k yourself, you f---ing d--k," the driver allegedly replied, calling him a "dumbass" for only tipping $1.50.

"[You're] lucky you even got your food," the DoorDasher wrote, adding he was ready to quit the gig anyway before dragging @i.aaron for ordering Chick-fil-A for breakfast instead of cooking up some bacon and eggs.

Eventually, @i.aaron retrieved his meal from the tree.

"I am embarrassed to say that I did go get this food, and I did eat it. But you best believe — you best believe — I got that refund," he says.

Watch below:

Opinions are split in the comments section.

Some believe the tip was indeed offensive.

"For a $1.50 tip, you deserve this and more," one viewer wrote, shaming @i.aaron's frugal offering.

"I always tip at least $5 even if it's a cheap order. Gas is too dang much, and a $1.50 tip isn't even worth getting out of the car," another commented.

"Idk where you're at, but the lowest I tip is $6 since that's what gas is in my area. Even if they're literally picking it up barely a mile away," someone else wrote.

Others think @i.aaron's tip was totally acceptable.

"People who say to tip $5 MINIMUM are out of touch with reality," one user commented.

"As someone without a car, I always feel awful only tipping 15%, but like, I'm poor, but I've gotta eat. S--t's gotten out of hand. My tip shouldn't be wages," another wrote.

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