This is the moment we've been waiting for. We finally have gotten away from the 8 months of winter and are spiraling toward nearly 90-degree weather. And tomorrow, Downtown Cheyenne will come alive at the Depot Plaza for the return of Fridays On The Plaza, after a one(long) year hiatus. Now, we can just be excited and not really research what we're going to see this Friday, but, where's the fun in that? Why don't we acquaint ourselves with the first acts of the Summer? Yes, I'm saying it's SUMMER, don't @ me.

Float Like A Buffalo

These guys are from Denver and describe themselves as a "9 piece, high energy Funk-Rock Band". They definingly bring the funk, but there is also a really good old-school blues feel to them as well.

I'm pretty excited for these guys, I bet they're loud, so downtown should be popping. I love the funk sounds, and it looks like they're living up to their "high energy" billing. Let's take a look at the other group hitting the stage tomorrow evening.

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The Pamlico Sound

If you Google Pamlico Sound, it will bring up a lagoon from North Carolina, fair warning, you might want to throw "band" in there to find these guys. These guys are also going to bring the funk. I'm feeling a theme and I'm not mad about it.

Now that we know the entertainment. Don't forget to look out for all the other great parts of Fridays On The Plaza, food, and beer! There will be plenty of restaurants around and food trucks so you won't go hungry. The new open contain law can let you be more selective with your libations as well. Before I forget, here's a list of all the acts coming up this summer here.

See you Friday!

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