Week 7? This summer is moving a little too fast for my tastes. We're going to have to figure our lives out once the fall rolls around and we can't expect awesome live music and fun down on the Depot Plaza, every Friday. In the meantime, we at least can enjoy ourselves. Savor it. Yeah, we need to savor it. Anyways, live every week, we have some awesome bands ready for us. Let's take a look at what we have this week.

Jocelyn And Chris

Get ready for some rocking blues with a brother/sister duo out of Upstate New York. These guys obviously are a national touring band since they're making their way all the way to the Capitol City Friday night. These guys are really, really good. I know I hype everyone up, but Jocelyn's voice is incredible, and the nice blues/rock guitar licks are downright good. See for yourself.

I am beyond excited to catch these guys live. And for FREE, what an awesome deal. They'll be great, guaranteed or your money back. Because it's free. See what I did there? But seriously, I am pumped. Bring on Friday.

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De Gringos Y Gremmies

These guys are coming all the way from Wyoming, so, we have some local flavor hitting the stage on Friday. Their music is described as "Spaghetti-Infused Western Surf Rock". That sounds so interesting. They also have "The Band From Laramie" on a lot of their stuff, so you know it's them. I actually think that's pretty tongue and cheek funny. These guys are fun. Check this out.

I can see the whole plaza boogying to their funky surfer licks. I think they're going to surprise some folks in attendance, and good for a local band to get to strut their stuff for Cheyenne's favorite weekly show.

There you have it, your Friday Night is ready and waiting for you. Looks like you will be well entertained. If you want to check out this year's full lineup for Fridays On The Plaza, you can do that here.


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