The last couple of weeks of April has been an all-out brawl between Old Man Winter wanting to stick around and late Spring trying to warm up the Cowboy State. It feels like it's gone on a little longer than it did last year, but whatever.

If you've made your way through the Lincolnway construction that also feels like it's been going on for around 6 years, you'll notice that the Depot Plaza is ready. Ready for what? Festival season, Fridays On The Plaza, and Summer in general.

Yes, the tents are finally up at the Downtown Depot Plaza. That must mean it's time for Summer! It's been declared by the City of Cheyenne, so let's go ahead and start rolling out the beer carts, food trucks, and live music. I don't know about you, but I'm more than 8 months past ready for some fun in the Downtown Depot Plaza.

Speaking of Fridays On The Plaza, not putting the City of Cheyenne on the spot or anything, but we had the concert lineup next week of last year, so I'm hoping to see that pop up in my feed within the next week(wink).

Now, all we have to do is wait. The stage is quite literally set for Summer Fun in Cheyenne. So, bring on Fridays On The Plaza, The Wyoming Brewers Festival, The Celtic Festival, The Hispanic Festival, The Tattoo Festival, I could go on forever. Let's just go ahead and accept the tents being up as a warm welcome for fun days to come in Cheyenne.

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