A Laramie County resident who was diagnosed with a rare antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection is in good condition, according to officials with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center [CRMC].

According to a release from the Wyoming Department of Health [WDH], the infection was caused by an Enterobacteriaceae, and also included a rare antibiotic-resistant gene known as MCR-1. It does not appear the infection was acquired at the hospital, according to the release.

Dr. Alexa Harrist, Wyoming state health officer, and state epidemiologist with the health department said “We are working closely with the hospital to prevent the spread of this bacteria.'' She added, “although this finding is unexpected and something we are taking seriously, we believe the contact precautions already in place at the hospital have likely limited the potential spread of the bacteria.”

Erica Hanson, an infection prevention specialist at CRMC, said the infection shouldn't overly worry people in the Cheyenne area. But she said the best protection would be to follow normal healthy practices such as frequent hand washing.

Contact precautions require anyone entering the patient’s room to wear protective gloves and clothing and to follow strict handwashing practices. Officials have not released the name of the patient, but they say the person is responding well to treatment.

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