Phil Robertson has some advice for single men: find a woman from Wyoming.

"There is a breed of woman out there in Wyoming. We ran up on a Wyoming girl one time, I asked her about an air gage." the Duck Dynasty star said in the latest episode of his web series In The Woods With Phil. "Not only did she know what an air gage was, she knew where it was. Now that is a woman. Wyoming women, you can't beat 'em."

Robertson's words of wisdom followed a rant about yuppies, millennials, and computers as he encouraged the cameraman to seek out certain qualities in a potential spouse.

"Them girls out there are jogging and fighting mountain lions. There's some women left, but you've gotta go way out west to find 'em. Wyoming, way out in the big country, open plains. Texas has got some," he added. "You better go to Montana or Wyoming, you'll find you one out there. But looking around here, you ain't gonna find none."




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