Duff McKagan says he ran into a "very famous actor" several times during that doomed actor's final weekend, including the very night that film star died just before the 2014 Super Bowl.

McKagan and Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell were in New York City as fans of the Seattle Seahawks. The Guns N' Roses bassist, who has himself battled substance abuse, admits that he didn't know if they should have intervened. "Should we offer our friendship and a safe place?" McKagan muses in his new bookHow to Be a Man (And Other Illusions), which the Village Voice excerpts.

(McKagan doesn't identify the actor, but he and Cantrell were staying in the West Village, where Phillip Seymour Hoffman's body was discovered on Feb. 2, 2014, the day of the Super Bowl. "Out of respect for his children and our joint association with a 'fraternity,' I don't feel comfortable calling him out by name," McKagan writes.)

According to McKagan, they saw the star loitering around in the street -- presumably to score drugs, on the Saturday before the big game -- as they were headed to and then back from a Foo Fighters show. "We ran smack-dab into the actor again," McKagan says. "On the street. Waiting. Again. S---, man. We thought that maybe he was on a last run before getting clean. Surely, if we saw him again in the morning, we'd have to say something: 'Bro, c'mon. We've been there. Come on out of the cold. We understand.'"

Instead, McKagan says they were awakened the next day to find an ambulance, police and a crowd of media and fans outside. The actor they had repeatedly encountered was dead.

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