City of Cheyenne

Visitors to Cheyenne parks and other city-owned properties may notice Emerald Ash Borer [EAB] traps in trees over the next few days.

The traps are green and consist of ascending funnels with a collection cup at the bottom [see above photo]. They are being placed by the Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division in conjunction with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service [APHIS] and Wyoming State Forestry.

They are designed to trap the emerald ash borer, an insect that has killed millions of ash trees across the country. The insects are not known to be in Cheyenne but have been identified in Fort Collins and other Colorado communities.

The traps will be checked periodically and taken down in September. People are being asked to stay away from the traps and to not touch any which may fall to the ground.

Below is a photo of the EAB:

Getty Images