Wyoming is an amazingly beautiful place. Some of the best mountains in the world are in our backyard. Usually, our vantage point is from the ground, but this video gives us a birds-eye view of some of the most majestic snow-capped peaks in Wyoming.

In the description of the video published to YouTube by WyFlyBoy, it names some of the mountains in the flight path: Musembeah, Mt Bonneville, Mt Hooker, Cirque of the Towers, and the Wind River Peak.

Fun facts about the Wind River Mountains:

Located in the Wind River Mountain range, Gannett Peak is the highest mountain in Wyoming.

The continental divide (the imaginary line that separates were rivers flow either to the Atlantic or Pacific) travels through the Wind River Mountains.

The Wind River Mountain spans two national parks the Bridger-Teton National Park and The Shoshoni National Park.

John Colter is thought to be the first western man to see the Wind River Mountain in 1809.

The Wind River Mountains is home to the largest glacier in the Rocky Mountain range.

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