Twenty one years ago, Cheyenne Central High School’s  Keith Coombs was told that his desire to own a record store was not a viable option for a career. Keith proved them wrong.

Today, May 6th, Ernie November celebrates twenty one years of bringing music to Cheyenne. While other stores have come and gone and the size of their music sections have experienced severe shrinkage, Ernie November still stands.

Back in the day, music fans could get a wide variety of artists and styles in stores, but the corporate mandate of maximizing profits has gutted any second tier or lower acts in favor of just the hits by top selling artists. Ernie November has countered this and has prospered. When you want more than just Beyoncé or Drake, you want Ernie November.

Cheyenne is better off for having an independent record store & more at 217 W. Lincolnway. 307-632-6867. Happy 21st birthday Ernie November.

Check out Cheyenne Mayor Orr’s visit there last year.


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