The national media was not impressed by some Buffalo Bills traditions. In fact, they thought it was weird and disgusting. They let everyone else watching know it, too. It made us get immediately defensive of Buffalo.

ESPN was in Orchard Park for Monday night's game with the Bills and Titans. Buffalo is all the hype right now. Everyone knows that Buffalo loves to go through tables, but they had NO CLUE about Pinto Ron...and they let Pinto Ron get his classic ketchup and mustard shower on the broadcast.

But, NOBODY prepped the broadcasters about what and why this was happening and it made for some bashing of the tradition.

You can hear the ESPN broadcasters say "that's the nastiest thing I've ever seen in my life", "that's a lot of buildup for not much" and "that is foolish". 

Get out of here. It's tradition. Of course, it's weird. But, it's what we do. The video, which you can see below was posted on Facebook and had tons of brutal comments from other fan bases.

Robert, who doesn't like fun, wrote: 

One of the most idiotic things that I've ever seen

Larry, likely to be a boring human, wrote:

This is dumbest thing I ever seen on TV. Waste of airtime and definitely no meaning.

Kellen, a Patriots fan, on Facebook wrote:

Me wondering why anybody would do this…then realizing this is the same fanbase that loves jumping though tables.

I think Cory summed it up perfectly, though: Ah, Pinto Ron...not all traditions are good or mean something, it's just important that they happen.

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