When anyone sees the word 2020 written or even utters the year out loud, all anyone can really do as a natural reaction is cringe, at best. If there was ever a year to put extraordinary amounts of stress on anyone, it was last year. So how did it affect Wyoming exactly?

WalletHub recently researched the most and least stressed states of the past year and it just so happens that Wyoming is one of the more chill states in the entire country. Based on several weighing factors, it seems that Wyoming is the 36th most stressed-out state in the country or the 15 least stressed state. That is not at all. We might as well be like, "What stress?"

Several factors were used to determine exactly how stressed out each state has been over the past year. Some of the determining factors were things such as average hours worked per week, personal bankruptcy rate, and the share of adults getting adequate sleep, among others. They were also broken down into things that cause stress, such as money, family, and health & safety. Those were three categories that Wyoming scored relatively well in. As we were 40th in money-related stress, 34th in family-related stress, and 36th in health & safety-related stress. Keep in mind, the higher the number, the better the ranking overall (the least stress you have).

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However, we were 11th in work-related stress, also finishing 3rd in average hours worked per week. So if anything is spiking our stress levels, it seems that it's work.

Nevada, Louisiana, and New Mexico finished as the most stressed states in the country while Minnesota, Utah, and South Dakota were the very least states. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado are even more stressed than us! They finished 31st, so at least we have those bragging rights. If you've like to see where each state ranked, check out the map below.

But well done Wyoming, not even 2020 could phase us! We're pretty chill, keep making it happen!

Source: WalletHub

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