When you're running late, there's no doubt that you're going to hit every red light and get behind every slow moving vehicle, but can you pass that vehicle using the center turn lane?

When you're driving on a highway with two lanes of traffic and a center turn lane, it can be confusing why the center lane is there and how to use it. The center 'turn lane' is a hot topic of discussion, because it varies from state to state. It's really a good idea to check with the state you're going to before you go, because the center lane could cause you to get a ticket.

In Wyoming this lane can be used for many different things including passing.

This may be one of the toughest questions I've ever researched and actually turned to Wyoming Highway Patrol's Trooper Michael Gray for clarification. Trooper Gray passed along the following from Wyoming State Statute Title 31 - Chapter 5 - Article 2 - Section 31-5-209

WSS 31-5-209 a ii  Upon a roadway which is divided into three lanes and provides for two-way movement of traffic, a vehicle shall not be driven in the center lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle in the same direction when the center lane is clear of traffic within a safe distance, or in preparation for making or completing a left hand turn or where the center lane is at the time allocated exclusively to traffic moving in the direction the vehicle is proceeding and the allocation is designated by the official traffic-control devices.

If you have any questions, ask WYDOT or local Police Department/Highway Patrol. Do NOT Google to find the answer, you will be left with more questions than you started with.

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