Leave it to TikTok to solve this mystery.

Are you on TikTok? I'll be honest with you, I'm not. Although I love watching videos on TikTok, it's just another distraction or another platform to create content on and I just don't know if I have it in me to download another app. Anyone else feel the same?

Judging by the fact that TikTok has an average of 689 million active users each month, I would say I'm on a small island over here.

There are a lot of great videos on TikTok and I've learned quite a bit from many of the videos I've seen. And it's more than just dance moves. There are valuable hacks, recipes, and did-you-know moments. Like this mystery of snacks being solved.

If you're munching on a bag of chips right now, there's a good chance that there are colored dots on the bag. I found the colored dots in the photo above on the bottom of these bags of pork rinds. Yes, I have seen them before but never thought much about them. I just thought it was an easy way for the manufacturer to sort their products.


According to TikTok user @sonya.gonzalezmier, they are "color control patches". They are used to make sure all of colors used on the packaging are consistent. Since the factories are not printing these exact colors, the layer other colors to create the desired effect.

So these dots are like a color key to not only create the perfect color, but to keep it consistent on each bag.


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