The first ever International Flavor Festival happening in downtown Laramie continues throughout this weekend. The festival brings a diverse variety of flavors and menus from all over so that students at the University of Wyoming, along with adults will be able to enjoy some amazing international flavors.

The Laramie International Flavor Festival is in its inaugural year. They have included a total of 20 restaurants in downtown Laramie. Their menus have been infused with specials and new flavors that have been inspired by more than 80 international members in the local Laramie community along with University of Wyoming students from over 40 different nations.

To give a more in depth look of some of the participating restaurants, we figured it would be best to show you what each have to offer throughout the Laramie International Flavor Festival. You can see the International dishes that have been infused into each restaurant's menu along with what country that dish and/or drink is from.

Laramie International Flavor Festival Restaurants

Devine Eats provides a Ukrainian meal for non profit support of the World Central Kitchen. Their menu for the event will include:
Borscht, Meatballs with mashed potatoes, Varenyky (pierogi)
Potato and cheese, Cherry, and Authentic Ukrainian recipes from Anastasiia Pereverten’s grandmother.

And there it is. There is lots to choose from this weekend at Laramie's International Flavor Festival in its inaugural year. Come with a big appetite so you can try as much as the festival has to offer. It all runs through this Sunday (April 3rd). Eat it up, Laramie!

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