On Sunday, March 5, Dog Haus Biergarten abruptly closed its doors. The Cheyenne community met the closure with shock - myself included.

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In my previous article, I noted that Dog Haus was not unfamiliar with overcoming challenging situations. The restaurant had survived the economic upheaval of COVID-19 when many restaurants went under. And, whenever I drove by the restaurant, it always seemed busy. Thus, my surprise and that of community members were more than merited.

As of writing the original article on March 6, there was no news of if Dog Haus would reopen in Cheyenne. But, that has changed.

Yesterday, I received a statement from Dog Haus corporate regarding the closure. And, I can happily report that, YES, they do hope to reopen the Cheyenne location in the future!

Dog Haus Corporate Working to Make Cheyenne Location Closure Temporary

In the press release statement, Dog Haus Executive Vice President of Franchise Development, Erik Hartung, expressed that the move to close Cheyenne was a "difficult decision" and added that Corporate is working to "make this closure a temporary one." He indicated that Dog Haus is looking for a local partner to join them in the reopening endeavor, so if you're interested in taking the reins - here's your chance.

Here's the full statement from Dog Haus Corporate:

After proudly serving the Cheyenne community for almost three years, Dog Haus’ franchise partners made the difficult decision to close the restaurant located at 3838 Atkin St. Dog Haus Corporate is working diligently to make this closure a temporary one. The company is committed to finding a local partner to join us in delivering the best gourmet hot dogs, sausages, and burgers with award-winning service by operating this location. We look forward to reopening in Cheyenne and serving The Absolute Würst to the community again soon. - Erik Hartung, EVP of Franchise Development

As to when Dog Haus will reopen - that's not clear. Until Dog Haus finds a "local partner" to work with, chances are the restaurant will remain closed. But, here's to hoping we'll all be enjoying their Cowboy Dog and tots again soon.

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